New Baby preparation tips for Indian Mindset

Being a to-be-parent is a wonderful feeling for most of us. First time parents are often excited about every small detail and readily subscribe to weekly mails for week by week Pregnancy Updates(like  These weekly mails provide huge support in educating women about bodily changes, necessary precautions, and help in preparing for little one’s arrival with useful tips.

When I was pregnant for first time, I relied on these weekly mails for my education, since experience of our mothers have become ancient and many preparations done in their time have become redundant.

In India, it is bad omen to buy things before baby is born. So most of the parents face dilemma in end time how to select goods and purchase efficiently. There are lot of tips and sometimes it can be over-whelming. But no need to panic. As you continue your pregnancy, keep on talking with others regarding their experience, observe new mothers and just relax. You will do fine.

In today’s age of internet, there are many options available to help you get ready for the big day. Some of the to-dos are:

  1. Do Window shopping in top-end baby stores to know what products are available in market. You can then make note of things which strike useful and later search on internet for possible variations.
  2. Since would-be-mother will be busy in hospital, responsibility lies on father, or near relatives to buy  baby essentials. To ensure that mother’s choice is included, make list of things required early. You can even be as specific as which product of which brand to purchase. This would save time and dilemma of shopper.
  3. Talk with lot of new mothers (who became mothers within 1-2 years) regrading what they chose. I talked with some whose children are now 3-4 years old, believe me even their knowledge can be outdated. Since, there is rapid expansion of products in market, thing which exist today and readily available, may not have been 2-3 years back.
  4. Front opening clothes for baby: Body suits are available for new-born which are easy to wear and change diapers. They have buttons from chest to legs bottom, so open garment, put your baby on top of it and simply close the buttons. In case of diaper change no need to change baby clothes also, simply opening leg buttons will expose private area.
  5. Diapers vs clothes nappies: It is individual’s choice but nowadays, quality of diapers has improved. Baby skin is delicate in starting, but even then good brand diapers are effective and soft. Wipe you baby’s skin with distilled water and cotton for initial 30 days instead of using baby wipes. Clean skin folds thoroughly and pat dry before covering baby’s genitals. This will ensure optimal protection in case of both cloth nappies and diapers.
  6. Quick dry sheets, changing mats have replaced specially made baby bedding. The purpose of these bedding’s to avoid bed wetting. Now,  no need to worry as quick-dry sheets absorb water, are easy to wash and dry. Always stock 2-3 sheets, as baby may wet them quickly.
  7. Baby skin friendly detergents are available in market which are gentle for your little one’s clothes, in turn gentle for baby skin.
  8. Nursing pillow, nursing stole, nursing tops are some of the new options which make breast feeding easier.
  9. Stem-cell banking: Talk with your doctor about stem-cell banking in advance. You may wish to secure your baby against some diseases in future. It is still relatively new concept, but in recent 2 years, awareness has increased and lot of parents are opting this benefit.
  10. Prepare Hospital Bag by 36 weeks:  In end of pregnancy days, you may never know when emergency hospital visit is needed and you get blessed with your new born. Pack essentials like 3-4 diapers, baby wipes, 2-3 baby clothes set for starting. If you have easy access to hospital from home, then other essential things can be brought later on also.
  11.  Always keeps a change of adult clothes while travelling. Babies are unpredictable, you may get baby poop or baby milk on your clothes and need change. This tip applies for fathers also, who want to be active in baby care.
Nitika Garg
Entrepreneur | Senior Content Writer | Technical Writer | Startup Writer She is a software engineer by education and content writer by passion. She has 8+ years of overall experience in the industry. She has written 300+ articles in different domains. She has graduated from “Iron Lady Corporate Leadership Program for Women Leaders” which is recognized by TISS, Mumbai.