Dreams of Children: Give wings to the future

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Children, the future of country, are the creatures of curiosity and diversity.  In their eyes, every dream is possible and each task is accomplish-able. They are encouraged by parents to achieve new goals every day in different fields like academic, extra-curricular and sports activities. Debate, extempore and stage performances have become part and parcel of their life. In their early years till grade 5, they are all-rounders in each activity and full of energy, ready to be nurtured. High school students have future goals set in terms of jewelry designing, entrepreneurship, data analyst, robotics, economist, social activists and what not.

To achieve big, we have to think big. We have to give wings to the dreams.

This quote is true for youth also, with so many fields opening, any dream can be achieved. We have read so many success stories and learnt that sometimes way to achieve goal also does not exist. With hard work, dedication and networking, one has to create path, collect resources, sometimes even change people mindset and then walk on road to success. If someone is in financial stagger, because of this cannot take admission in college of dreams, he can work part-time and save for future. Some families worry that working in Mac Donald’s or as telephonic customer executive in a BPO will lower their social image, this ideology needs updating. In foreign countries, kids over 18 years age working in KFC, restaurants, shops is quite common and approved by adults. Location constraint and knowledge crunch are small constraints, other difficulties vis-a-vis` can also be overcome by willpower and continuous efforts.

India is a developing economy and its resources, institutes, technology all are adopting changes rapidly. With penetration of internet, knowledge of parents has been enhanced, they are becoming tech savvy and setting foundation stones for bright future of their children. New endeavors are opening and people are now migrating from traditional jobs to specialization jobs, public mindset is expanding from government jobs to private sector options. Business family kids are setting their career choices in service sector and vice-versa.

Children of poor families who are in daily wages or manual labor, are still deprived of education in present situation. Despite government policies of mandatory primary education, girls and boys opt out of school after class 5th and become bread earner of their family. Above situation need to be remedied, but with ever-increasing prices of essential food and their family size, this is difficult to control. Due to wishful thinking for male child, their family size keeps on increasing, while ironically, girl child is the one who bears family responsibility in absence of mother. These are often unregistered citizens of country who have no government identity or migrants whose identity is of no significance in current location of residence. While NGO’s and Corporate CSR are working towards betterment of underprivileged section, it has become social and moral responsibility of citizens to contribute to the cause.

Sex discrimination, social structure differences and subjective knowledge are hurdles in better development of the country. Well-off families with illiterate or orthodox family members often stand as obstacle in children’s educational and social growth. Ancestral rules and regulations are ill-fit in today’s environment. Educated and intelligent people have grasped this idea, and are upgrading themselves according to their children. Children of these families are most benefited and are given freedom to pursue their dreams with proper guidance and training. With return of NRIs back to India and opening their own ventures, skill development programs, colleges diversifying their programs, international competition and scholarships have created new avenues.

In recent times, popularity of kids dance shows, child actors, and singing competition has increased tremendously. Their studies are being compromised and money control is shifting from parents to young hands. Fame and finances are the evil forces for young generation, which without mature handling could result in family disintegration and disruption. Careful mentor-ship is required to nurture young minds to their full potential and it should be ensured that childhood innocence is not lost in glamour of world. With technological intrusion in schools and toys, children are now better equipped with internet and computers than even their parents. Our generation struggled with computers in school times, younger generation has been using I-pad, mobile phones practically since birth. Although there is age-restriction for Facebook account, Indians rarely follow rules and small children are being exposed to internet at tender age. Parental lock on websites may ensure some safety on home; internet cafe and mobile devices are still danger to juvenile. Futuristic thoughts are compelling us to make planned decisions towards continuous academic growth along with engaging playful side.

Closing above article, I would share my final thoughts. It is big liability to nurture children, the future of country into socially responsible, humble and independent human beings. We need to cast-off our prejudices and corporate in bright future of country. “Freedom to dream” is not a phrase but meaning of life for many people.

Pankh katne ka Gam nai karna,

Apni Aankhon ko nam nai karna,

Ek din Asmaan ko Chu loge,

Hosalla Apna kam nai karna!!

Nitika Garg
Entrepreneur | Senior Content Writer | Technical Writer | Startup Writer She is a software engineer by education and content writer by passion. She has 8+ years of overall experience in the industry. She has written 300+ articles in different domains. She has graduated from “Iron Lady Corporate Leadership Program for Women Leaders” which is recognized by TISS, Mumbai.