How to increase chances of Normal Delivery in pregnancy

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Normal delivery has become one major concern for new mothers. It is a scenario every lady wants but is nervous at same time, due to supposed pain in the process.

Normal delivery is not a experience something to be scared of, but rather be thankful that you got chance to bring your child naturally in the world. Many of the body functions and mother-child bonding is best done in normal delivery only.

Some common activities which can be performed to increase chances of normal delivery are:

Try Antenatal  and breastfeeding classes

  • Antenatal classes(also referred as prenatal/childbirth) are great in educating and preparing women on what to expect. They explain labor process and some even give information like how to bath your newborn, how to take care care of him in initial days.  They may also use dummies to give you actual feel of the process.
  • Antenatal classes are easily available in Metro cities but in tier II and tier III cities finding them can be difficult. You can try Online anenatal classes on hey can be done from seven month onward of your pregnancy. These classes are beneficial for first time mothers as well as already mothers, as you may have forgotten some basics.
  • Breastfeeding classes are also available which covers basic techniques and give some other tips. I have seen women who are already embracing motherhood, coming to these classes. Sometimes, breastfeeding classes are included in antenatal classes only.
  • Do not worry about normal delivery, keep calm till the end. This is the best and most difficult tip. When we panic, our body tightens which makes birth process difficult.


  • Controlled breathing, rhythmic breathing are some of the techniques, which wary according to labor. For example, in early labor stage take controlled breathing, while in active labor you may need to take breath in through nose and out through mouth, even pant like dog.
  • Also read breathing techniques on Mumsnet, for detailed breathing techniques. They are really helpful. If you practice them regularly and implement during labor, your stress level will decrease.

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Squatting, Kneeling, cross-legged siting positions

  • Squatting helps to open the pelvis and get your baby into the best birthing position. Care should be taken not to over-do any position. If you feel pain, immediately stop and consult your doctor.
  • Squatting will also strengthen your leg muscles and help during the labor process. These positions need to be practiced from starting of pregnancy.
  • Mothers of toddlers often are more active in this aspect and probably these positions are their daily routine.


Massaging Perineal Area:

  • You can start doing perineal massage after the seventh month of pregnancy. Perineal massage can help you deal with labor better and manage stress too. All you have to do is hook your thumb inside and gently pull the lower part of the vagina outward and forward.
  • A Perineal massage eases out the perineal skin and easily helps stretch the skin around that area up to 10 cm. Once this is achieved, there are reduced chances of performing a C-section. This process makes the skin surrounding you perineum more elastic. And once you deliver, the skin then can spring back to its original self slowly just like elastic.

Some other tips:

  • Although now even in C-section, local anesthesia is being given to deliver child. This has reduced C-section side-effects tremendously and mother is fit in almost same duration as in normal delivery. I know this case in UK in November 2016. In India, please ask your doctor regarding the same.
  • Do not stand for too long!! This is especially important during third trimester, when your body weight has increased and prolong standing can cause undue pressure and even early labour in extreme cases.
  • Keep doing pregnancy specific exercises till the end to keep your body fit and flexible. You can also try swimming, there are special aquanatal classes for pregnancy.

Please remember that every pregnancy is different and no body can tell how your childbirth will happen until the actual process has happened. There are some cases where normal delivery is tried ill the end but still C-section had to be performed. So, you need o be prepared for all possibilities.

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