Planning First birthday party of your child?

When we become parents since then we begin receiving gifts and love for our little one. Also, we have grand plans for first birthday party of our child, whether it is your first child or second. In this era, when usually both parents are working there is usually less time to plan our perfect birthday party.

So, today we are providing step by step information to get your event planned with as much less hassle as possible.

1. Booking the venue:

Gone are the days when we needed to roam banquet to banquet, to ask for availability, pricing as first step. Now, initial screening can be done online from home or office. There are many websites which specializes in venue information only. For example, when I had to book banquet for my son’s first birthday for about 100 guests, I searched various websites. I gave them initial information like: party date, number of guests, approximate budget per plate, choice of city area for venue and my email id. That’s it. Within 1-2 days, I got response in the form of emails and telephone calls from managers giving their quotes. I was even provided sample party images to help make final decision. In the end, I chose banquet hall different from choices given, but this initial information was good start to know current market situation.

Websites like Venuelook, VenuebookingzVenueMonk, BookVenues and Book My Function provide numerous options to choose from and even give discounts and gift hampers to attract customers.

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2 Selecting Birthday Theme

Next big task is to decide birthday theme and make required arrangements. These days theme parties are gaining momentum. Party Decorators are giving different theme options like: Honeybee, Candy Crush game, Disney characters, Chota Bheem,  Bollywood, circus, jungle, and the list goes on. It is your choice whether to have event planner arrange themes or you yourself can go for shopping.

Join facebook page of birthday party planner you like at-least two months  before to get idea about latest trends. You can also visit page of Venuelook which is exclusively for birthday party themes.

Theme covers from balloon decoration, props, thermocol cut-outs(both wall hanging, floor cut-outs or suspended from ceiling), games and variety of other options which depend on budget available with you. Wish Tree is another trending option available, where guest write wishes for the birthday boy/girl on small paper chits and hang on the tree.

3. Finalizing vendors like photographers, decorators

The above mentioned websites along with few others have expanded into Complete event planning sector. Photographers, Caterers, DJ, Decorators, Mehendi Artists, Florists, puppet shows, magicians, tattoo artists, are just some of the options available on them.

There are websites like book my banquetMy First Booking , who provide best vendors to choose from. Another option is to go to websites like Urbanclap, which provide user reviews off the selected vendor.

4. Selecting Birthday Cake

Birthday cake is usually left till last date to order since it has only 24  hours order time period. But, deciding cake design can take days. You can browse internet for cake designs according to theme or another category of your fantasy. Birthday cake can be ordered from your regular bakery or any well known brand like: Sir John, Mr. Brown. Choosing brands for cake is not necessary since if you have tasted cake of your local bakery, ask if they make special cakes. Usually, all well-established bakery have cake artists who can make cake according to picture.


4. Deciding Return gifts

For people who do not have time to go searching every shop in market for return gift options, e-commerce has provided solution.

Return gifts can be ordered from websites like: Returngiftwala, PartyOne returngiftsThe One Shopdholdhamaka Friendlytoyz, These websites offer discount on bulk odrers, and some even take left-over return gifts back. People can find products from range of Rs 30 to Rs 500 per piece, which are available in various cities in cash on delivery facility also.

For people who have time to spare, I would suggest go to local wholesale market like Sadar Bazaar in New Delhi for shopping once. Do your research before going and plan a full day visit. You will find latest trends and items at much cheaper prize. Sometimes price difference could be 5-6 times or more. This is my personal experience.


Return Gifts in Angry Bird Theme

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