Unseen tasks of a Person

A person who is a struggling professional has lost his job and looking for footing again is often pitied by friends and family members. If it is a woman who has quit a job, in order to explore new opportunities, she is often criticized, why did you let go such a good job.

In the above scenarios, efforts and pain of said person is often unseen. There may be numerous reasons and conditions which led to today’s decision. Maybe he was not satisfied with his job and needed some time to collect thoughts and start fresh. Maybe he is working towards a different goal, something which demands his full attention.

New entrepreneurs are people who work very hard to even gain footing in this fast-paced world but their hard work remains unacknowledged. In their case, their dedication, motivation, the passion remains unseen by the surrounding people until they finally achieve some tangible success.

Dreams are suppressed thoughts and ambitions which remain unseen by world. We mold our priorities towards practical things and set life plan. Often, our long cherished dreams are crushed and remain hidden in our brain.

Time has come to remove inhibitions and move on new path. There is no time as right as now, when we can start converting our unseen thoughts, efforts and dreams into some tangible tasks and work towards gaining success. Because if we are working towards our goal, we are happy to pursue it and often give our 100 percent.

Nitika Garg
Entrepreneur | Senior Content Writer | Technical Writer | Startup Writer She is a software engineer by education and content writer by passion. She has 8+ years of overall experience in the industry. She has written 300+ articles in different domains. She has graduated from “Iron Lady Corporate Leadership Program for Women Leaders” which is recognized by TISS, Mumbai.