Women Empowerment: As 70 years of Indian Independence is celebrated

We are living in era where nuclear family and both working parents are becoming common. Along with this a parallel segment exists in society, where women are still considered “Ghar Laxmi”, who may be given luxuries but are expected to take care of family only. Although, there are many “stay at home” women, who are living life on their own conditions, with freedom while managing responsibilities.

So, lets see how women of all age group(whether 20 or 70) are bringing change around themselves, which is leading to improved social environment along with economic advancement.

1. Education:

In majority of cities and towns, girls are being sent to school to gain knowledge which will in turn help future generation. With government initiatives on increasing Girl child education, enrollment of girls  in primary schools has increased somewhat. In middle class families, even married women have basic education and they are actively participating in household activities like budget managing, grocery shopping, managing family events which were earlier considered Men domain. Through this, examples are set in common public that women are now equal in household responsibilities. Thy should not be limited to cooking, household chores, children upbringing area only. They should be included in decision making and future plannings of family.

2. Work Sectors Diversified:

Girls were earlier given education but their job prospects were limited to teaching in schools and  colleges. This year as India celebrates its 70th Independence year, citizens  minds have also progressed a lot and new possibilities have opened for women. We are constantly hearing news that now women are now recruited as Army officer to Bus driver, Police officers to Company CEO. Sex ratio at workplace is improving and continuous efforts are being made to increase equality in work conditions and reimbursement for men and women.

3. Job after Marriage and children:

Earlier after marriage, women were either pressurized or emotionally blackmailed to leave their career for family responsibilities. When children were suitably older, some women pursued career then. This scene has changed in last decade tremendously. While in remote areas, this situation may still be true, metro cities and tier II cities, situation is changing rapidly. As elders are also literate, they understand new generation’s need to work and socialize. Women are given necessary support to do jobs like Bank jobs, Teaching jobs, government job more freely now. Marriage and Children are no longer barrier strong enough to quit job, although still more than 50% women prefer to leave private sector job due to family conditions.


4. Women Entrepreneurs

Couplepreneurs, Mompreneurs are some of the new terms which refer to the fact that women as co-founder are stepping in corporate world. Business was initially perceived as Men’s domain, whereas women were supposed to open shops such as Boutiques, beauty parlor, coaching center only. Change is slow but happening in this field too. Last four years have seen many women entrepreneurs who are setting in deep roots of business and making news headlines. Sairee Chahal, Founder Sheroes, Suchi Mukherjee, Co-Founder Limeroad,Shipra Narayan, Co-Founder Weddingpitara.com, Shantala Bhat, Co-Founder Gamatics, Priyamvada Chandramouli, Founder Almanourisher, Lakshami Dasaka, Co-Founder DropKaffe, Richa Kar, Founder Zivame, Vidya Nataraj, Founder Bluestone Co-founder Tailorman. These are some of the successful female entrepreneurs who have travelled the business road and creating their name. You can read more on: 10 Successful female entrepreneurs in IndiaWomen entrepreneurs whose stories inspired us in 2016

5. Stay at home Mom are Intelligent

Women who are educated and have left job to stay at home,  are self dependent in decision making and children’s education. They may not be working, but they are fast adapting to new technologies and mobile apps. Even in interiors of India, if women are educated, then they mostly know how to use basic smartphone features, use Facebook, whats-app proficiently. After demonetization, women are even forced to take interest in bank matters, use every trick they know to increase personal savings but intelligently and digitally.

6. Engaging in Social groups like Clubs, Kitty Parties

Local clubs and kitty parties act as social platform which keep women in touch with like-minded women, meet new people, share their thoughts while keeping entertainment in their life. These groups exists in almost remote areas except rural areas maybe and range from fun, rich class profiles to devotional meetups. They empower women, where they sometimes discuss their personal life, which may help them in understanding crime and abuses against women also.

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Published by Nitika Garg

I am a freelancer, marketing analyst, social media marketer and data scientist having an experience of 5+ years. I have covered various startups associated with IIT Delhi and IIM Bangalore. I write in free time as it gives me purpose.

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