Yellow Yellow, I am Startup Fellow

Who is a startup fellow? Look around yourself, you will find one or two people at least who are engaged in business and trying to flourish it. Does business means a proper company? Not necessarily. Photographers, chefs, musicians, bloggers, artists, coaches, shop owners all these persons are entrepreneurs in their own kind. They are trying to sell their products/services to customers, while creating source of income for themselves.

I always thought that only people who have some tangible resources, some office space, set of employees, can be considered doing business. But if we look deeper, initial stages of all  business/startup, it is generally co-founders who are doing all the tasks. Co-founders wear all the cap from  CEO, digital marketing expert, operational manager, to company figurehead, employee, customer service executive.

These startup people have no particular quality in them to distinguish that they are doing business except hard work. They can be of any gender, age, professional background. Some people start their business right after college, while some start after doing 10-15 years of job. Some may have studied business techniques or dome MBA beforehand, some may have jumped into market with their product.

Factors like planning, market research, developing business model, networking play crucial role in success of any endeavor. Equally important part is understanding target customers, studying future trends, adapting to new developments. Startup people have keen interest in above points and they are always hungry for more knowledge. Those who are both good listeners as well as good speakers understand people and their requirement better.

Also as earlier said, not all successful business people have high education or technical background. Here are examples like  Dhiru Bhai Ambani who rose from rags to riches based on his business skills.  Also, businesses which are more than decade old, are still struggling to tread in modern wave. They are fast adapting to new technologies, and finding new ways to keep heir product/services in demand and not being overshadowed by new fish in the pond.

If you know someone near you who is struggling but silently enduring all the phases of establishing business, applaud them and become their marketer. I from my side can help business in gaining popularity by giving genuine feedback, ratings and writing reviews.

If you want to do digital marketing or want your sponsored posts, please contact me. We may be small medium, but it is harmless to engage in as much publicity as possible, especially when our services are free of cost.            

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Nitika Garg
Entrepreneur | Senior Content Writer | Technical Writer | Startup Writer She is a software engineer by education and content writer by passion. She has 8+ years of overall experience in the industry. She has written 300+ articles in different domains. She has graduated from “Iron Lady Corporate Leadership Program for Women Leaders” which is recognized by TISS, Mumbai.