Children Notice These Behaviours Without Parents Realizing It

We think and believe that small children do not understand or notice a few of our (wrong) behaviour or they do not get distressed because of bad news as they may not understand it truly. But as parents, we are absolutely wrong! There are few actions that harm our small kids psychologically and that tiny soul may cry when alone. If you want to save these tiny people from getting stressed when alone, please read the following points:-

1. Do not allow them to watch crime serials (that are so prevalent on Hindi entertainment channels)

Small children are incapable to understand the difference between real life and TV serials. For him, everything is real. Whatever he sees on television is like happening next door for him. Even if he understands that it is a television and not reality, he should not be burdened with the possibilities of things going wrong with his family. Parents should always keep an eye on what the child is watching on the Television.

2. Do not talk about distressing news in front of them:

One lady shared her childhood experience. She was around 5 years old when a child was kidnapped from her neighbourhood. Her parents and their friends kept discussing the news in front of this little girl. Now, this girl was so scared to go to her bed alone and she ended up having sleepless nights or cried herself to sleep. The worst part was she never told about her fear to her parents and thus they were completely unaware of her distress.

Kids are incapable to put across their fears. Parents should talk it out to them. You should always watch what you speak in front of them.

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3. Do not fight with your spouse or any relative whom they love in front of them

If there is some kind of difference of opinion between you and your spouse, then talk it out; do not scream or yell at each other. If they see you discussing things calmly, it will benefit them in the long run. But if they see their mom-dad yelling at each other or even if you do it in a separate room, they can hear you through the thin walls of your room. They will feel that something terrible is going to happen.

The same thing happens if they see their mom fighting with their granny (whom they love). They will have a feeling that they might lose one of you forever. They will not understand the adult world.

So if you really want to yell and scream at each other, either send your kid to some friends place or you guys can go out for a drive or walk. The yelling and screaming always scare them.

4. Never call them insulting names

A mother shared her experience. Her 4-year-old son was very naughty and out of frustration and anger many times the mother used to call him a ‘pest’. Once a guy from the pest control department was about to come to their house. So this child gets very scared and pleads his mother not to call this pest control chap as he will stop being naughty!! This kid actually thought that his mother was going to get him killed by this pest control chap!! So that’s how such small things affect our kids.

Watch your words when reprimanding your kid. If you are using any bad names or words to them, stop doing it. It cuts straight to their heart. If you’ll call them lazy or a bad boy, they will end up believing it to be true. It will never inspire them to be better.

5. Never hit them

If you will hit him, he will end up believing that hitting is acceptable behaviour. There is always another way to discipline him but hitting can never be accepted. Set boundaries and be firm with it. If he defaults, then punish him by cutting out his playtime or TV time. They will get the point and will not end up crying themselves to sleep.

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