Exploring creativity of two year old, thanks to Colgate Magical Stories Initiative


Book reading, story telling are must-haves in toddlers daily routine, as they help in developing reading skills and spark creativity and curiosity from early stage. I am mother of pre-schooler and was very excited when i got to know Colgate India’s Initiative about space story. You have guessed right!! I’m blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at BlogAdda in association with Colgate. In starting, I was doubtful, whether 2 year old kid would be able to enjoy the Space characters, whether he will be able to understand and create magical stories. But, kiddo was very excited on getting new toys and put my worries to rest.

Let me first tell you a little bit about the Colgate initiative:

Colgate has launched three special packs containing three different space landscapes and characters: space station, spacewalk and alien planet. Inside each Colgate Strong teeth toothpaste pack, figures are printed along with some interesting information and cutting instructions. Each story pack can be played standalone also, but collecting all three pack covers lot of space knowledge.

My son’s curiosity was piqued and he started observing space characters. He asked lot of questions while i was cutting figures and assembling parts. He is small enough to create logical story so i fabricated a story for him. He being an super-active boy obviously made some additions and interjected many times in between.

My son playing with space characters

Story we created together

Once upon a time, there were two friends Ariv and Advika. They both played together and dreamed of becoming astronauts and explore space. They had memorized all space objects like planet system, stars, comets and asteroids. They started their fictional journey by travelling in rocket to space-station. Once they reached space-station, they wondered how marvelous space view was!! They decided to spacewalk with help of rope and explore around Venus, Mars, Saturn and most important, Sun. When they were alone in space, a spaceship crossed them and started shooting stones. Ariv and Advika wondered who could be throwing stones??  They returned to space-station to save themselves. Once inside, they saw that aliens exited from Spaceship and were showing some sign boards. Signboard read: “Welcome to Space!! Do not wander far from safe-zone. Do not come out without wearing safety jackets and spacesuit. It is dangerous. We want to be friends with you!!”. Ariv wrote on signboard and Advika talked with them using sign language. They decided to contact each other in future whenever they will come back in space. Ariv and Advika were happy on making new friends and came back to earth.

Above story may be very vague and open-ended, but for my son it was full of wonders. He could relate to events in story through pictures provided in Colgate pack. Soon, he was happily repeating some parts of story on his own. I loved this pack from Colgate which provided opportunity to engage in fun activities along with addition of new words in Vocabulary. So, when are you  bringing Colgate in your home and send your kids on magical space ride. Hurry and collect all three story packs for more fun.


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