“WE Can India”: Another step to promote Women Entrepreneurs in North India

WE Can: Workshops and Business Plan Competition for Women Entrepreneurs – an initiative dedicated to promoting women’s entrepreneurship, has been organized by Dhriiti-The Courage Within, an Non Profit Organization in partnership with Cherie Blair Foundation for women, funded by U.S. Embassy India.

South India has been IT hub for long time, with startups and IT companies focusing on metro cities. Delhi-NCR, Chandigarh, Jaipur are witnessing rise of their own entrepreneurs who are working hard to change social, economical and financial landscape. But, among these startups and entrepreneurs, how many have been initiated by women??

To encourage women to take forward entrepreneurship seriously, WE CAN initiative is born. Women entrepreneurs are being supported to develop a business plan, providing them with a solid foundation to sustain and grow their enterprises.  Five cities of North India namely, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Delhi, Lucknow and Dehradun have been selected where 150 women were invited to attend these workshops. WE CAN, is Business plan competition, for which nominations were invited and through telephonic interviews, top 150 business ideas were selected.

Focus of Workshop

Workshop was in itself an interaction platform. Through multiple team activities, women could get Helicopter view of their businesses, see business through eyes of other people and figure out their weak points. Training on financial plan, customer segment, Market Analysis, risk management were some of the key points of interest.

Participant women were encouraged to interact and give presentation about their work as well. This activity boosted confidence of many women. Later on, six week mentor support is being provided to each individual, the time period will be crucial in developing strong business plan under guidance of industry expert. This kind of guidance is boon to many women who are looking for new ways to take forward their business.

One interesting observation made: Youngest entrepreneur in Delhi II batch was just 20 years old, college going girl, who is co-founder of Campusdrift.com. On the other hand, there were women who were in middle 30s or early 40s also who were either already 12 years established in business, or were looking for fresh start in entrepreneurship journey. Such diverse collection of women is bound to start interesting conversations!! Don’t you think??

The competition is still in process, the winners will be announced in May, 2017. Lucky 25 women will receive Incubation support to kick-start their business. I am eagerly waiting for results to come and interact with winners to know how “We Can” helped them grow personally and professionally!!

About Dhriiti – The Courage Within

Dhriiti was founded in 2004, with primary objective to promote micro enterprises through a creative and professional approach. Dhriiti is an effort. A venture to change. An innovation by the youth for the youth of this country. Dhriiti is a progressive measure to build and motivate a culture of entrepreneurship and set up sustainable small-scale enterprises.

Dhriiti is constantly giving opportunity to people from  different segments to come, mingle and explore new ventures. One such latest initiative launched by them is ‘Beautypreneur Contest” in Delhi NCR, in association with Godrej and Saloni beauty and hair care program.

Some Insight in Author’s mind

Women’s day is being celebrated every year when, lots of gratitude is being shown to women, their tasks, roles they play. Different Corporate and Brands have found ways in terms of discounts and special events to monetized this day. This year, many videos have surfaced on Facebook and YouTube asking to respect women every day, not just on a single day. But, are women being respected and encouraged? Or still, women are given freedom with “Conditions Apply” even in families with open mind. All these concerns have been thought provoking and gave me an urge to write about women entrepreneurs. How different organizations are focusing on empowering Women in general.

Published by Nitika Garg

I am a freelancer, marketing analyst, social media marketer and data scientist having an experience of 5+ years. I have covered various startups associated with IIT Delhi and IIM Bangalore. I write in free time as it gives me purpose.

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