Collaborative Climate: success story of Shweta Sharma

Unconference 12: Discussion on ‘Data and HR Analytics’, April 2017

What is Collaborative Climate?

  • Collaborative Climate work with organisations in instilling value and power of collaboration at the workplace for a more concerted spirit and climate.
  • They target Interpersonal Behavior, biggest reason for stress or no-stress, at work!
  • Collaboration Quotient has direct impact on – productivity & efficiency and employee engagement & mental fitness.
  • Collaborative Climate work with people and acts as catalyst in instilling harmony and symphony among employees.  Why_Collaborative_Climate

How Idea got conceived

Shweta Sharma has had an intense experience of 15 years in Organizational Behavior and People Development Domain. She’s also a Game Designer, Certified by Wharton School – University of Pennsylvania and Instructional Designer. She has worked with over 30 organizations as a consultant from across industries and verticals to develop behavior-specific competencies and has completed several Quality Circle (Six Sigma) Projects too. She studied Social Psychology from Wesleyan University and English Literature from Delhi University.

As a Subject Matter and Industry Expert, she realized that Poor Interpersonal Behavior and Collaboration is the biggest draining and exhausting factor for all employees, across hierarchies. She wanted to bring more seriousness and structure to this cause and started researching.

Upon her findings, she acknowledged various studies by Indian Government and even International Organizations that over the past decade work-place attributes such as: stress, attitude towards others, work-life balance, non-engagement etc have only degraded. Even when all established organizations conduct various programs such as – sponsored education, outings, off sites, mental well-being classes etc.

According to Shweta, “Although the need for Collaboration is in our face and has now become the new National Concern too, it’s not been an easy journey to bring awareness and structure to it. But am glad that I have been able to raise awareness and it’s a continuous work in progress. I intend to carry on with my research and offering different solutions for the organizations.”

Solution provided by Collaborative Climate: 


  1. DAIC Framework that administers the different Influencers that facilitate Collaboration at work, ran multiple surveys to quantify views and is now working with multiple MNCs, Indian Companies, PSUs etc.
  2. Specifically study and work on enabling Collaboration among team-members or departments/functions.
  3. To propagate the cause and need for Collaboration, they conduct Un-Conferences with Sr/Top Management from Business or HR Operations. Unconferences have been regarded as the best forums to discuss real issues and learn!
  4. Methodology Used:  Assessment Tools, Leadership Development Programs and different Gamified Solutions for team-members.Tools_used_Collaborative_Climate

Challenges Faced:

Since past one and half years, there have been many hardships faced by Shweta. One of them being adjusting with Role conversion; from working as an employee to being an entrepreneur. Another was creating the need for collaboration in the industry, recognition of work done by industry experts, getting the customers. She came up with concept of “Unconferences” where executives would meet and discuss. Organizing theses “Unconferences” in beginning were full of challenges like: convincing top managers to come, categorizing the right target audience, creating some value proposition for them as an incentive and then start doing business with them.

But as it is rightly said, “Prize does not matter, what matters is the experience during the journey of achieving that prize”. So, Challenges have been key factor behind continuous refinement of her services and gaining happy and loyal customers.

Unconference#9 on Succession Planning, Oct 2016

Recognition by different platforms:

Shweta’s hard work has paid off by now. Unconferences organised by Shweta were great success among Top managers. In their 9th Unconference, they even got sponsorship from Jones Lang Lasalle (JLL). Also, in one of the conference, a journalist attended as an member and covered their story in ANI news. Since then there has been no looking back!!

Shweta has been felicitated by two leading Technical Universities in their programs for students:

  1. GD Goenka University’s IDEA Incubation Program: where she judged the viability of the products/prototypes and mentored students in polishing their ideas as per the needs of the market.
  2. KIET University in collaboration with COWE: as a Panel addressing various questions on ‘Students as Entrepreneurs’.

It was wonderful experience and as per Shweta, “I am glad I could Collaborate with the students and help them Solve the Problems they are trying to address as entrepreneurs.Our nation definitely needs a stronger spine of entrepreneurs!”

Shweta’s Business has also been selected for IIT Delhi-WEE(Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment) batch 2. Also, she has been listed as mentor on Sheroes recently.

Unconference#11 on Innovations in HR, Jan 2017


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