Posh Attire: Success Story of Namrata


About the company

Since ages, some fabrics have remained underrated in the fashion industry, owing to the usage of the fabric in the same form. At Posh Attire, Founders have undertaken one such initiative to launch same fabrics in a new avatar, still remaining true to the roots of fashion.

Their introductory collection was about launching different types of ‘Denim Fabrics’ in women’s top wear. They are currently focusing on contemporizing handlooms into women’s western wear.

Inspiration behind Posh-Attire

As a child, Namrata always dreamed of starting her own company someday. As a teenage girl, she got attracted to Glamour so much so that after a certain point it became difficult to keep it off her mind. It was after taking admission at NIFT that Namrata’s dream finally started taking shape.

After some years of working with various fashion brands, she quit her job and started working on her own clothing brand. She wanted to make something that’s very unique yet commercially viable. She named it as Posh-Attire.

The theme for new Collections is inspired from Women with Incredibly Strong personalities. They don’t have to be a fashionista’s but what they stand for as people, their work is important to society. She want her customers to take pride in standing out rather than constantly trying to fit in.

She always felt that certain fabrics inspite of being very versatile were repeatedly used in the same form over ages. So her motto was clear, that was to launch clothing in a new yet acceptable form.

Journey from Idea to Implementation & Challenges

 After quitting job, Namrata started working full-time on her venture with the support of her husband. It took almost a year and bootstrapping to launch their first range of Apparels in Jan 2016.

Being a single founder, the initial phase was quite challenging when she was wearing several hats at the same time and also managing the workload.

Searching for the right suppliers & manufacturers for small orders, keeping up pace with the unforeseen expenses was very taxing. But as long as she could see the light at the end of the tunnel, Namrata kept herself going.


High Time in Business

Like any other start-up, there have been many highs and lows in this journey. According to Namrata –

“We experienced highs when our customers were delighted at finding something distinctive & remarkable yet affordable .They also referred us to their friends. It is at that time, we felt we are creating a difference, not just hitting big numbers.”

This project was selected among the Top 50 projects by IIM-Bangalore WSP in 2017 Jan for the Bootcamp. It again become a proud moment for them.

Future Prospects

Posh Attire is planning some interesting concepts in coming months to keep the level of excitement among the customers intact.

They have had an opportunity to serve 15+ unique customers till date, and having a target to touch upon a 100+ before this year ends. Their team size, currently consisting of 4 passionate members, is also likely to increase with more creative brains joining them soon.

Posh Attire is having both online and offline (Brick and Mortar) business model.

  • They have physical presence in Bangalore
  • Their catalogue products are available on Voonik website for pan India.
  • Customers can connect directly with the team for customization work.
  • Posh Attire deals with customization in all fabrics and styles, be it traditional, contemporary or modern dress style.
  • Their major revenue is from customization.
  • From time to time they have launched campaigns to attract new customers. Her most recent campaign is loved by many, including me. It is “Bring your old wedding Sarees, we will make transform them into Modern outfits!”.

Role of IIM-B WEP program in shaping Posh Attire business

The WEP program gave a much needed mentoring for the structured growth of the business, which in turn helped in reducing the chances of possible strategy failures. From validation perspective, it helped them gaining exposure to a large number of women entrepreneurs at the same time, who provided hands-on instant feedback about the product, pricing, styles and suggestions to improve it for the better.

Some Personal Insights:IMAG0064_BURST001_COVER-001

  1. Namrata’s Life Mantra: “I get bored easily, if I were to follow the same kind of routine each day. So I decided to do something where I can play different roles and do different things every day.
  2. Books she read: About successful companies how they were formed, their struggles etc. Currently reading “The Everything Store”- Amazon.
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