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In current economical environment  lot of women entrepreneurs are being given support from government led initiatives. In this column, we are presenting you story of a mompreneur, Yashodhra Patil, whose startup is just 4 months old, by the name of

Getting a right academy for kids is quite a challenge for parents these days in India. When I say ‘right‘ it should be affordablereachable and fulfill at-least the basic necessity. Requirement may vary with child’s age, interest and ability. This could be after school activities or classes to get child busy during vacation or long summer break. is trying to bridge gap between coaching-academies and parents.

Inspiration behind the idea

Based on her personal pain experience, Yashodhra felt an urgent need of a platform where parents could directly meet with academies, and academies could cater to parents queries. There is no existing all-in-one platform in India where parents could easily find academy of choice for their little ones.

She did market analysis, contacted lot of academies and interacted with parents. Based on survey and statistics, she has designed her startup’s business model.

She unfolds her story as follows:

“When I enrolled my daughter for a skating class, i myself faced the issue. There was no academy within 6km range from home. So I tied up with a school in my area and they opened a skating rink in school premises. From there, this thought came to my mind to help other parents who are feeling the same pain as I did.”

Step-by-step process simplified at Kidzopedia


Founded in early 2017,  Kidzopedia serve as a marketplace, one stop destination for parents to find after-school tutors, sports, music, arts workshops and other different programs for their children. From parent’s view, three services are being provided by them:  Quality check-list, reviews and peer comparison with similar institutes all at single platform, thereby saving precious time.

Kidzopedia has different offering for both Academies and parents as follows:

Offering for Parents: 

  1. Inborn Potential Assessment Test  (IPAT) One of its type offering by is the scientific study of the fingerprint patterns. These patterns are distinctive and are closely linked with one’s genetic composition, brain  and nervous system. This test could reveal child’s strength by measuring intrinsic qualities, assessing the natural acumen and talent of individuals. It provides guidance on making intelligent choices, which will result in maximum utilization of child’s potential.
  2. From Child capabilities to course enrollment: Institute that could nourish new skills, knowledge and act as an amazing opportunity to shape child budding future. Parents want to know whether place of learning is clean & secure, enjoyable, interesting and fascinating as well. All these services are being centralized by them.

Offerings for Academies:

  1. Lead Generation: There have various yearly subscription plans for lead generation for academies.
  2. Expansion Assistance: On the basis data analytics of parents queries, Kidzopedia will do gap analysis and tell academies of possible areas where new franchise/ branch can be opened.
  3. Results Excellence: They have added benefit feature of knowing the hidden talents/Interests with the help of DMIT/IPAT (Inborn potential assessment) test. Parents, trainers/teachers can tackle each child in efficient way. It is a common problem that in starting, understanding a child takes lots of effort. Through this test they can know the strengths and weaknesses on early stage, which will help them in upbringing of their child in right direction.

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Challenges faced

Juggling regular job and motherhood is tough. Along with this Yashodhra is in process of setting up and scaling new startup. This is itself a challenge. From wearing multiple hats in early stages, to delegation of tasks is learning in itself.

There are lots of offerings in Metro cities already but small towns are in more need of these services. Penetrating small towns is going to be another challenge, towards which Yashodhra is going to focus. Also, providing right academies in small towns is going to be an issue.

They are organizing various awareness events in different areas and getting positive response from parents.

About Yashodhra

Yashodhra Patil is a mompreneur (mother turned entrepreneur) actively balancing her role being mom (of 4 year old daughter) and founder at Kidzopedia. Apart from Kidzopedia, she runs a placement agency and also facilitates people getting franchise of popular brands. She has done MBA (HR) and having more than six years of corporate experience.

To hone her entrepreneur skills and give kick-start to dream, she joined IIT Delhi WEE(Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment)  six month program in April 2017. Since then she has come ahead a long way and target to achieve big within 2017 year only. Such confidence and abilities are possible for her all because of guidance from Mentors in WEE program.  WEE program helped her to wide her network and implement her concept in more structured way.



If you want any more details about Kidzopedia or Yashodhara, reach out to them at




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  1. Good intiative and is really helpful in terms of concept, effective result of IPAT to make calculated decision for future of kids. Give right platform and information mentioned in web portal are worth exploring. Cheers to team and efforts in such short span of time. Best of luck and do wonders.

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