ReneYou Greentech— startup providing solar solution to rural energy needs

indoor air pollution

In this new age of Entrepreneurism, startups are rising not only to reap financial reward, but also for the betterment of the less fortunate  – the planet earth as a whole. Aside from tech ventures which are steadily proliferating in the past ten years, companies that pursue renewable energy for social and health benefits of citizens are also gaining ground. This is story of two young entrepreneurs who are studying and aged under 20, but aspire to tackle health issue of rural India via solar cooking solution echulha.

About ReneYou Greentech

With a mission to provide a clean energy solution to daily household energy needs of rural India, Aayushi & Aru Mangla started company named ReneYou Greentech Pvt. Ltd. in May, 2017.

“To create an ecosystem of high quality renewable energy solutions  in order to make them accessible and affordable for everyone and everywhere”  – company vision

The company is incubated at SIIF– SSCBS Innovation and Incubation Foundation, a Delhi Government funded incubation centre. Aayushi is part of IIT Delhi WEE (Women Empowerment and Entrepreneurship) Foundation six month accelerator program, which started in April 2017.

Problem prevailing in Indian villages

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  • A report by the Global Alliance for Clean Cook stoves states, “more than 800 million people are currently facing indoor air pollution in India, mainly caused by smoke released by cooking stoves and burning of solid fuels”.
  • WHO estimates, “more than 1 million premature household air pollution (HAP) deaths occur in India every year”.
  • Sky-high Price Of Cooking Gas & Oil : The price of LPG and PNG is increasing day by day despite subsidies provided by Indian government. Many common people can’t afford this high price of LPG & Oil. GST impact: Subsidised cooking gas gets costlier by up to Rs32 per cylinder. Required is a cheaper & smokeless energy solution for regular use such as house lights and cooking.
  • Global problem: Natural resources of coal, oil & gas are depleting. The day is not far when we will have neither oil nor gas to use for daily living. According to a survey, we are left with just 1/4 of the large oil & coal pool.

Solution Provided

I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power!! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil & coal run out before we tackle it.  Thomas Edison, 1931

Solutions to be provided by ReneYou Greentech for tackling this issue are:

  • echulha:  This will start a new age of cooking using the solar energy available anytime & anywhere, even with DC power source. People could use this solar based induction stove for cooking in a much cheaper, energy efficient and healthy way (smokeless).
  • They are also providing solar home lighting solution to the remote places of Uttar Pradesh. Targeting rural market around Delhi-NCR for now, they are planning to expand in North-Eastern region in near future.

How the idea came into mind:WhatsApp Image 2017-07-13 at 2.16.21 PM

Both Aayushi and Aru are management students, and have keen interest in social & impact ventures targeting rural areas of country. While doing their research for college project, they found out health issues and alarming high rate of deaths in India by HAP (Household Air Pollution). Hence, decided to embark their first step toward new venture in a renewable energy industry, with focus to provide clean energy solutions to the rural masses.

Struggles faced:

  • Starting a venture while pursuing graduation (at the age of 19) is quite a challenge, because people won’t take you seriously that you could manage a company or provide a solution to such deep rooted health problem.
  • Being from a commerce background, and entering into social & technical field was another challenge faced. Initially they struggled to understand the technical jargon. Slowly they started to connect with people & formed a core team (more from the technical background) who helped in steering toward right direction.
  • Another major issue observed by founders, lies in the acceptance of echulha by rural people.  Many a times, certain qualities can be achieved only by a particular method of cooking.

People are very particular about the taste, texture and flavour of the cooked food which they are used to. To ensure that taste of food cooked using echulha remain same with the one cooked using coal or solid fuel is a riddle to solve.

About Founders:


Aayushi is final year student at Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar College, Delhi University in BBE. She can be reached at LinkedIn.

Aru Mangla, is student at Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, Delhi University studying BMS. He can be reached out though LinkedIn.

Being a part of SIIF incubation and WEE Accelerator program has helped them in enriching technical knowledge as well as enhancing business skills. Aayushi says that: “As a part of WEE, the experience and learning that I’ve got is inexpressible. People that I’ve met in this journey are very helpful.

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