PurpleApple Infosystems: Providing Augmented Reality Solutions


Augmented Reality: Mix real world with digital world

Have you played Pokemon Go? It is a perfect example of how Augmented reality seamlessly merges the Real & Virtual. Augmented reality has the potential in changing every facet of our lives, such as Healthcare, Travel & Tourism, Media  Entertainment, Education and Shopping by providing personal experience to its users.

Amrutha Valli, an MCA gold medalist and Tech Entrepreneur is coming up with innovative products using Augmented Reality Technology.  A risk taker, perfectionist and of a curious mind, she is strongly attracted towards challenging & green field initiatives. “PurpleApple Infosystems”  is result of such initiatives of Amrutha.

About the company 


PurpleApple Infosystems develop Augmented Reality (AR) based applications for providing delightful experience by merging Reality with Virtuality.

Vision of ‘PurpleApple Infosystems’ is to play a key role in Smart Cities & Digital India Initiatives with the help of latest technologies.

Do You Know: AR & VR Forecast :

  • 1 Billion AR & VR active users by 2020
  • $120 billion revenue forecast to come from AR & VR by 2020

PurpleApple Infosystems develop solutions for


3 E’s being addressed by PurpleApple Infosystems

1. Enterprises : As per the latest marketing research reports, Augmented Reality is the  best technology that can be used as a marketing tool.  PurpleApple products vary from checking the furniture by placing and changing the colour & texture of the furniture in real world with the help of 3D models, Changing the wall papers, trying jewellery etc ., at real time.

AR based marketing strategy will enhance the customer experience & helps in remembering the brand image which will in turn leads to increase in business.

2. Entertainment : Mobile Applications which can facilitate the user in deciding the purchase option along with entertainment like trying jewellery, enhance the learning capabilities in kids by fun & entertainment way are developed.

3. Experiences : Individuals love to get delightful experiences & surprises – Travel is one of the such area, one would like to have delightful experiences.

Most of the existing solutions are available for journey planning, itinerary management and bookings of flights & hotels. There are almost no players in market which caters to the need of tourist during travel. Once people embark their travel, they have to manage lot of tasks manually.

After 2 yrs of market research & customer behavior analytics, mobile Apps for Travel Agents, Tourists, Tourist Places like museums & monuments are developed which makes the solution as One Stop Shop while travelling.  AR based Mobile applications provides delightful experience to the traveler when coupled with Security, Collaboration & Fun features.

Journey from IT specialist to Entrepreneur

After registering company in 2016, Amrutha has faced many challenges. From being judged of leaving job after 20+ years professional experience to establish herself in midst of young entrepreneur minds. From working in organizations like Wipro and Tata DoCoMo  to coping with startup environment where lines between personal and professional life blurs was another struggle.

High time into Business

Amrutha has represented her startup in many key programs at National level. She was part of IIMB-Goldman Sachs Women Startup Programme, where after 5 weeks of online training, she was selected for 3 weeks boot-camp at IIM Bangalore in January 2017. She is one of the top 50 women entrepreneurs of India, who was given chance to learn and polish business skills at one of the India’s Top Business school.  



After initial recognition as women entrepreneur in IIMB, she is now part of IIT Delhi initiative, WEE(Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment) batch 2, which commenced in April 2017 . WEE is national level initiative by IIT Delhi, where 30 women entrepreneurs have been selected for 6 month program. There will be mentoring, industrial visits and business model refining in course.

About Amrutha

Amrutha Valli at IIM Bangalore

Amrutha Valli, MCA Gold medalist, E-MBA & Tech Evangelist decided to pivot her rich tech-managerial expertise into tech-entrepreneurial expertise in the field of Augmented Reality.

She has successfully completed many challenging & green field projects in Wipro & Tata Docomo such as mRupee, Recharge Solutions using mobile menus,  defining Security & Privacy frameworks for Indian ITES industries (Data Security Council of India DSF © & DPF © .

With  rich experience in Information Technology, Business Analysis and Strategy & Security Consulting, Amrutha is looking to develop disruptive solutions using latest technologies.  She is looking to collaborate with Government or Tourism Boards to promote tourism industry with her innovative product.

Amrutha  is reachable @  here.

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