Delhi based Startup PurpleApple Infosystems is set to ‘Redefine Business Growth’ with Innovative Technologies


The business world is ready to embrace new technologies. Technologies like Augmented Reality are already being used to meet the business requirements, accelerate business activities, provide experience to customers & compete with others.

“Pokemon Go” is a perfect example of how Augmented Reality seamlessly merges the ‘Reality with Virtuality’.   Augmented reality has the potential in changing every facet of our lives, such as Healthcare, Retail, Travel & Tourism, Media & Entertainment and Education Sector by providing personal experience to its users.

Amrutha Valli, an MCA gold medalist,20+ years of work experience in Wipro & Tata Docomo, now an Entrepreneur is coming up with Innovative products using Augmented Reality Technology.  A risk taker, perfectionist and a person of curious mind, she continuously fights to make a difference. She is hence attracted towards challenging green field initiatives. “PurpleApple Infosystems” is the result of such initiatives undertaken by her. She dedicates her time in creating AR products for businesses to help them in their future endeavours.

Mission and Vision


With the Vision of “To Be One of Top 10 Most Innovative Business Solution Providers in India”,  PurpleApple Infosystems started its journey in 2016.

The Mission of PurpleApple Infosystems is “To provide Smart & Simple, Innovative & Interactive, Competent & Cost Effective Digital Solutions to the customers in order to propel business growth”.

The organization is recognized by “Startup India”, certified by DIPP (Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion) & products are validated with the recognitions by IIM Bangalore,  IIT Delhi & XLR8AP Entrepreneur Accelerator programs.

Value Proposition

For all enterprises who would like to differentiate their products or services, PurpleApple Infosystems provides Augmented Reality mobile applications for Marketing coupled with easy to configure ‘Do It Yourself’ portals.  Unlike the existing model of downloading mobile apps for each of the enterprise, PurpleApple provides generic mobile applications for each of the sector like Travel, Shopping, and Exhibitions.  It is Cost-effective, requires NO training, NO additional device required as it works on ALL smart phones.

AR solutions mixes Virtuality with Reality to Educate, Engage & Entertain the customer, provides delightful experience and works on any smartphone.  This delightful experience will leads to Brand retention, Repeated customers & Increase revenues.

solution_PA Main objective of PurpleApple Infosystems is “To Redefine Business Growth with innovative Augmented Reality marketing solutions to increase revenues without disturbing existing business eco system”.   They develop solutions to provide Experience, Engagement & Entertainment.

As of now, they have launched some of the mobile applications in Android market place which are one of its kind as well as Innovative & useful.

Entrepreneurial Journey :  from Nothing to Ideation and Implementation

After having completed a successful journey in large corporates like Wipro & Tata Docomo, Amrutha started thinking of how to contribute to the society.   She understood that the people were trying to find out a way to come out of the stressful & robotic nature of world.   There are many innovations & solutions which handle serious issues like Healthcare, Environment etc, very few exists when it comes to providing Experience, Engagement, Education & Entertainment. In this stressful world, it is the need of the hour to address these issues immediately.  She strongly believes that even a small experience that is good can make a huge difference in the mindset of the people & drives business growth.  This was the motive that lead her to take a plunge into Entrepreneurial journey.

She started collecting information on how to contribute to happiness while simultaneously contributing to the society’s economic growth.  “Virtual Hamsafar” is a Travel app aimed to make travel experience worthwhile. It offers a wide range of amenities from trip management to security options. She boldy presents Virtual Hamsafar as a social app as Tourism not only improves the economic conditions but also promotes social changes in the lives of local people, strengthens relationships, aids creative expressions, and supports infrastructure and lifestyle.

Slowly she added other products of “TRYb4uBUY” & “scanNsee” to her array of apps.  Trying the product before purchases will increase the buying instinct of a consumer which leads to more business.  More business to a retailer results in more buying / investing power & the goods cycle goes on.  And in this cycle, Socio Economic conditions of nation will improve.

IIMB-Goldman Sachs Women Startup Programme

Thorns in Her Entrepreneurial Journey


To make her dream into reality, Amrutha had to overcome many obstacles. She faced many challenges such as being judged by her peers & friends for leaving her job after 20yrs to trying to understand the rules of the startup. She had to start from scratch as her personal and professional life had started to seep into unknown foreign territories.  Being a newly opened company, she had minimum funds to pay for employees, keeping a tab on investment for product validation proved to be quite taxing.

The journey of a new entrepreneur takes a lot of hard work and leads to less or no returns in the initial years. The fundamental question of where to get money for primary investment is the biggest problem of all. Funding governs the quality of employees, products, the infrastructural facilities and the time consumed in completing a task.

In the current world where software innovations are introduced by mega companies like Google & Facebook every month, a budding company holds no cards while competing against the likes of such.

A client chooses a product based on company’s credibility, but for a startup which is still in its formative years is difficult to claim the credibility.  A startup, especially bootstrapped organizations which does not have enough resources for elaborate Research & Development which the ever changing tech world requires finds it difficult to establish initially.

But undeterred by such problems, she worked hard to establish herself amidst young entrepreneurial minds and make a name for herself.

 High Time To Business

Amrutha has represented her startup in many key programs at National level. She was part of IIMB-Goldman Sachs Women Startup Programme, where after 5 weeks of online training, she was selected for 3 weeks boot-camp at IIM Bangalore in January 2017. She is one of the top 50 women entrepreneurs of India, who was given chance to learn and polish business skills at one of the India’s Top Business school.

After initial recognition as women entrepreneur in IIMB, she is now part of IIT Delhi initiative, WEE(Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment) batch 2, which commenced in April 2017 . WEE is national level initiative by IIT Delhi, where 30 women entrepreneurs have been selected for 6 month program.

Amrutha’s efforts were recognized by XLR8AP Accelerator Program.  This is the initiative of Andhra Pradesh Innovation Society, FICCI & University Of Texas (Austin) to elevate budding entrepreneurs to become successful business personalities.

Recently, Amrutha was invited as speaker in Annual Teachers Convention in Jamia Hamdard University, Delhi where this years’s topic was “Entrepreneurship Awareness and Culture”. She  has taken session of their faculty so that they can inculcate Entrepreneurship qualities in their students.

Latest addition to her achievement is, “Delhi Management Association All India Women’s Entrepreneur Award 2018” which she won in February 2018.

Mobile Applications from PurpleApple Infosystems  :

1) Virtual Humsafar

“53%” of leisure travellers are looking for Experience & Security along with Information while travelling. After 2 years of extensive market research & customer behavior analytics, “Virtual Humsafar” is developed for Travel Agents, Tourists, Tourist Places like museums & monuments which makes the solution as One Stop Shop while travelling.

Most of the existing solutions are available for journey planning, itinerary management and bookings of flights & hotels.  There are almost no players in market which caters to the need of tourist during travel. Once people lot of tasks embark their travel, they have to manage manually. This app provides delightful journey experience to the traveler coupled with Security, Collaboration & Fun features.

Virtual Humsafar” is in line with the government “Transform India” initiatives which ensures the SAFETY of the tourists along with providing EXPERIENCE.  This paves the road to INCREASE in the number of Tourists & indirectly impacts the Socio-Cultural & Economic Conditions of the local residents.

 “Virtual Humsafar” is an wholistic solution which acts as “A True Companion While Travelling…

  2) TRYb4uBUY :

Generation Z, Millennials and urban upper middle class people love (Social) shopping sitting on the couch rather than going to physical shops. With hectic work-life, they sometimes do not have time to hop-in one shop to another for selecting that one ‘Unique’ piece. Online shopping provides the convenience and options, but not the experience and thrill.

Virtual Try solution TRYb4uBUY bridges the gap between these online & offline shopping. Being in hectic work life of entrepreneur, Amrutha had experienced some of the shopper’s perils herself and decided to take heads-on approach to solve the issue. As a result, TRYb4uBUY originated from combined reviews, feedback and experiences from fellow entrepreneurs and working mothers.

TRYb4uBUY app allows users to try Jewelry & Apparel designs at real time & live camera before actual purchase decision.  There are multiple app variants of TRYb4BUY for Jewelry, Apparels, Furniture, Interior design. Users can check the furniture by placing it in real world with the help of 3D models meanwhile trying different colour & texture to change the wall papers of User’s room.

Therefore, this app is

  • Discovery and Experience Tool from customers point of view
  • Marketing and Lead Generation Tool from Shopkeepers/retailers/businesses point of view.

Some of the features like Location based specific information can be provided or Users can be directed to physical shops, are useful leads for business.

3) scanNsee

In this competitive & fast paced world, Enterprises are looking for innovative & disruptive methods to increase revenues without disturbing the existing business eco system.

This app is

  • Discovery and Experience Tool from customers point of view

This tool is very simple to use for customers.  scanNsee will allow the user to get more information in the form of Videos, PDF’s, etc., by just scanning the Enterprise Logo or any product image without going to shop or meeting anyone,

  • Marketing Tool and Lead Generation Tool for an Enterprise

Business can provide different types of information like product videos, product trainings, discount coupons/vouchers.  Product has the capability to provide different information in different languages based on the location, date & time.

Individual Journey: from IT specialist to Entrepreneur

Amrutha decided to pivot her rich tech-managerial expertise into tech-entrepreneurial expertise in the field of Augmented Reality to become a first generation Entrepreneur in the family.

Being MCA Goldmedalist, E-MBA & Tech Evangelist, she has successfully completed many challenging & green field projects in Wipro & Tata Docomo such as mRupee, Recharge Solutions using mobile menus,  defining Security & Privacy frameworks for Indian ITES industries (Data Security Council of India DSF © & DPF © .

Amrutha never looked back in continuing the journey with a hope of bringing difference in lives of people with products which contributes to economy.

Taking the inspiration from Motivational Speaker & Author Shiv Khera “Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently”,   & “Motivation is like fire—unless you keep adding fuel to it, it dies. Your fuel is your belief in your inner values”.  Amrutha is trying to do things differently by constantly adding the fuel to be motivated always.


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