Sagmarks—Providing 3D printed models and surgical guides to the medical professionals


In recent years, 3D printing technology has transformed from a cutting-edge novelty to a growing and popular industry for new startups. Entrepreneurs and consumers alike can use 3D printers to create useful products ranging from jewelry and light fixtures to replicas of human tissue. Sagmarks, founded by Khushbu Soni, is one of the rapidly growing and successful 3D printing startups in India.

About Sagmarks :


Sagmarks Pvt. Ltd. is two year old start-up, registered under “start-up” as defined by norms in august 2017. They provide 3D printed models of the problematic part of the patient to help understand the disease in three dimensions. Their innovative surgical guides help to execute the surgical procedures accurately and confidently.

They have dedicated team comprising of technicians and doctors who work together to deliver all products and service all patients with accuracy and speed.

Solutions offered in Medical 3D printing:

1. Cost effective 3D Printing : Sagmarks is offering a cost effective 3D printing solution which is affordable for everyone. Through latest machines and technology, they have reduced per product cost considerably. Slide4-e1477197001481

2. Pre-Surgery Practice : Pre- surgery-Surgeons can practice precise surgeries on a 3D printed model multiple times before performing the surgery on their patient. This is driving success rates for extremely complex surgeries and have reduced mortality rates in those surgeries significantly.

The various deformities require patient specific implants to restore normal form and function. Sagmarks offer solutions for various different fields ranging from dental to orthopedics.Slide1-e1477197460576

3. Help People to understand medical process  : Doctors can share these 3D printed models with patients or his family before surgery. Thus, people will understand with better clarity and find it very useful.

How the idea came into mind:

The Idea comes in your mind in a blink of time and that is the time where you have to decide either to make use of it or let it go.”

As Khushbu Soni said, “Her husband is working at AIIMS as maxillofacial surgeon. Once he needed a 3d printed model for some corrective surgery of face of the patient. 3D printed model was required for diagnostic and surgery & treatment planing as it was very complex case. But due to the monopoly of 3D printers in India,  the price of 3D printing was so high that the poor patient couldn’t afford.

At that time Khushbu felt that Doctors need budget friendly models so that every class in our economy can afford the cost of the treatment. She decided to enter into the medical 3d printing with the purpose of spreading awareness about medical 3d printing and offering a cost effective 3D Printing Service. As she was already working in her uncle’s jewellery factory, the two year experience in jewellery 3d printing helped her in growing her Start-up successfully.”

Journey from Idea to Implementation :

Sagmarks is solely women’s Initiative whose director is Khushbu Soni & Co-Founder is Manju Agarwal. First time they started their service in AIIMS New Delhi. Till now they have provided more than 200 3D models, Surgical guides, Dental implant guide in the last one year to Maxillofacial & Neurosurgery Department, AIIMS Raipur, GDC Ahmedabad, CMC Dental College Ludhiyana and many private hospitals & clinics in North India.FB_IMG_1504251044547.jpg

They have successfully done two 3D Model Surgery Simulation Workshop at Neurosurgery & Maxillofacial Department, AIIMS New Delhi. They have also made exhibition stall at Maxillofacial Conference at AIIMS, New Delhi .

Challenges Faced :

There were very few people who knew about the technology or a treatment so Lack of Awareness among doctor and public was a major challenge faced by them. To create awareness among people Sagmarks organised many conferences through which people came to know about the company.

In India Resources is not easily available. So, the resources for the lab had to be imported from foreign countries.

Another major challenge faced by them was: none of core team member was from business background. So understanding things from business perspective as well as executing different innovative methods was absent earlier.

Without the guidance of Dr. Sarandeep Singh and Aprana Mam we could never achieve this success wall in this short time period. They made us more strong and more knowledgable.            — Khushbu Soni, Director of Sagmarks

Now she is part of IIT Delhi initiative, WEE(Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment) & FITT, Delhi. WEE has helped in learning business mantras as well got them well networked in start-up world.

About Khushbu Soni & her team :

PicsArt_09-01-01.48.34Khushbu Soni is the founder & director of Sagmarks whose will power and determination make her dream live & the company has reached at this level. A team of six members who have helped her through thick and thin to achieve the goal today- Manju Agarwal (Co-Founder), Dr. Nupur Agarwal (Technical Head), two Maxillofacial consultants and one CAD/CAM engineer.

Both Khushbu and Nupur are part of six month accelerator program in WEE. It has taught them how to compete in  market and proceed business in scientific way and given strong networking.