Women Empowerment: New buzz word to cash in business

Latest trend of today is Women Empowerment. On International Women’s day, Facebook, twitter and YouTube was filled with numerous videos and posts supporting women and their freedom. Start-ups and even television serials have taken the cue from trends, and are differentiating themselves from others on above factor.

Many start-ups are being formed who are building heir business process by combing profits with social responsibility. Some are working for rural areas, some for social impact, some in education sector, some in waste management and some in Women Empowerment.

Television and Women Empowerment

Television and Cinema is the medium which creates maximum impact on readers and should be wisely used. Sadly, various daily soaps like Ghulaam show violence with motive to show change later. They need to realize that there are many people who may watch one particular episode and take that as example.

Progressive themes need to be included in serial plots on long term basis. Women Empowerment is taken as theme, but as show progress, based on TRPs, drama takes front seat and progressive theme of the show is again on back foot.

Mythological show, Mahakali: anth hi aarambh hai, has taken women empowerment as  theme to showcase story of transformation of Goddess Parvati into Goddess Mahakali.

Even authors are being socially responsible and writing material which supports women equality. In Amish tripathi’s books, women have equal roles and are strong characters. Be it, Sati in Meluha series or Sita in Ramchandra Series. Both women are shown as great warriors who were equal to men and took some difficult decisions  in tough times.

Start-up fever  and women Empowerment

From startups perspective, today is time of women. There are in-numerous events, competitions and organizations which are supporting Women Entrepreneurs. IIM Bangalore has given incubation to 15 women entrepreneurs in year 2017, while IIT Delhi has supported new initiative, WEE(Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment) Foundation.  Many training and classroom sessions are being provided to women as part of these initiatives which are free of cost.

Cherie Blair Foundation for women is working with many NGOs in different parts of the country to strengthen women co-system. Similarly, many Government initiatives are targeted specifically towards women. Department of Science and Technology’s initiative NIDHI (National Initiative for Developing and Harnessing Innovations) and KIRAN(Knowledge Involvement in Research Advancement through Nurturing) are umbrellas programs which include various schemes which are targeted for women in Science and Technology, and who in various stages of their career.

Women empowerment may be encouraged today, but in domestic environment women are still weak and suffer in silence. Some people still believe that women is nothing without them and do not have right to speak  in high voice.  I wish, such people can be changed, but we cannot dream even about our “basic rights”!!

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Published by Nitika Garg

I am a freelancer, marketing analyst, social media marketer and data scientist having an experience of 5+ years. I have covered various startups associated with IIT Delhi and IIM Bangalore. I write in free time as it gives me purpose.

2 thoughts on “Women Empowerment: New buzz word to cash in business

  1. it is good that women be given more importance in all fields. we are born out of woman,depend on them and cared by them.Hence we should respect them.Their weakness should not be taken as an advantage. Any improvemental programmes can be started but they are not maintained for a long time. That is the misery.

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