Women empowerment in their homes

I am a homemaker, past IT professional and raising my two kids. In the eyes of people, I am a failure who got educated till post-graduation but could not sustain a 9-5 job. It is said that “Change begins with YOU”. I hope that my article may be a turning point for YOU!!

Nowdays, many men want working wife but as family responsibilities increase, gradually women leave their job in educated families, to look after child and home. I was also same, but with consistent push of my husband, I have taken the path to establish my personal identity in high risk path of Entrepreneur world.

There are lots of difference between a life of a married and unmarried women. Even married with children and married but without children. Or is it really in the eyes of the beholder?

I was living with my in-laws  and had eventful two years of marriage. In 2015, some of the family friends introduced me to “startup” world and kindled my career path to my passion zone of “Blogging and writing”. My son was just a year old and we turned this attribute into my strength.

I choose an entrepreneurship and blogging career which did not have sterotype of

working mother = less work performance.

I have responsibilities but my family is also very supportive. My caring hubby has always motivated me towards ‘going forward and do what you want’. Although there is difference between words and actions, i have always recieved action from him.

To hone my entrepreneurship skills and increase network, i joined various online and offline competitions in 2017. I joined WE CAN India: a business plan competition for women Entrepreneurs organized by Dhriiti foundation and sponsoered by Cherie Blair foundation for women and supported by US Embassy in March 2017. You may be thinking, So what?

Well, I left my 28 days old baby girl at home, to attend workshops. In the country where “40- days confinement period” is followed strictly, my late mother-in-law and husband supported as well as encouraged me.

Since last year, I have been trying to do justice with the freedom given to me and earning it. Consistent work is the key to success and I hope that these small changes will help in creating an positive and motivating environment.

Women empowerment at home is necessary for better growth of families as well. Still many women do not have desicion power, financial independence for major changes. I feel that educated families should include their women in all roles as women understand home needs and capablities best.

A a girl, we have dreams and aspirations about career. Parents have some dreams and hope that their princess will lead an fuller life then her mother. There are exemplery women who have active personality even after motherhood, some are women celeberaties, some live in Metro cities and some even in small towns. These are not only some role models but also inspiration for other families.

Being an entrepreneur, I constantly interact with women who have family responsiblities and are mother. But their another Pehchan is acomplishments in business. Their husband and “in-laws” are stepping stone for success, instead of creating hindrance.

Change towards women freedom, work after kids and financial independence is happening in urban India one step at a time. Opening boutique, teaching and bank jobs were common options for married women, not anymore. Gig economy is spreading fast in India and I hope this wave reaches small towns, where women can work as per their schedule and at home.

Kadam Chota, Change Bada

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Published by Nitika Garg

I am a social media marketer and freelance writer having an experience of 4+ years in this field. I have a habit of researching the topic well before writing about it. I write original articles and all articles are grammatically tested before delivering to clients. So, "You" as a customer get the value as well as nicely drafted post. Contact me for my services at: nitika3588@gmail.com

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