“Beadsnfashion” startup is set to change jewellery making and learning landscape

As online shoppers are increasing rapidly, so do the fashion Jewellery choices now available on the internet. This has lead to artisans, small shop owners and home-based jewellers at loss. The reason being bulk Jewellery design & production cost is now much cheaper.  Fashion Jewellery making and Selling online has now been simplified by Beads n fashion.

Beads ‘n’ Fashion proposes to disrupt the Jewellery market by providing a unique platform with skill knowledge and resources for Designers, Karigars, Hobbyists and Fashion Institute to Buy-Learn-Sell to end consumer with a combination of cutting-edge technology and traditional customer service values.

The problem faced by Artists and Shoppers

  1. Customized Jewellery is expensive: Fashion Jewellery has a strong presence in Indian as well as International market. As online Jewellery sale increases, people now want customized Jewellery which is unique and as per their taste. However, hunting for that unique design may take time and might not be worth the price.
  2. Accessibility: People want to create Jewellery as a hobby to show off their creativity and for this need good material to create quality designs. In Metro city Wholesale Markets, these DIY(Do It Yourself) kits may be available but not accessible to people living in Tier 1 and 2 cities.
  3. Limited choices for first-time hobbyists: Most of the DIY kits available are for Art & Craft, There’s a complete GAP for Fashion Jewellery where a customer needs to buy multiple kits to make one complete piece of Jewellery. Moreover, the house is quite limited in terms of variety available in the offline and unorganised small players in an online market.

The solution provided by BeadsnFashion:

  1. Visual Appeal: Based on customer feedback, they have focused on making every product visually appealing and ensure that their website is user-friendly. User experience and desirability to purchase a product increases after viewing such stunning collection.
  2. Tutorials and Videos: They have a large database of tutorials and videos such that people can benefit and learn at the online portal. Now, artisans and karigars can update themselves on latest techniques and hobbyist can find “How-to-do” videos.
  3. Variety and Product range: BeadsnFashion has covered almost all available Jewellery components, findings and tools required to make a “Stellar design” as well as Kids craft designs. They have covered all Jewellery supplies from pliers, bead threads to beading boards, cotton and Leather chords.  They are continuously adding and upgrading their inventory with the latest collection.
  4. Raw material quality: What is unique about BeadsnFashion is that their raw material is mostly indigenous “Made-in-India”, Which is more durable comparing to Cheap Chinese counterparts, the colour selections are suitable for Indian customers.

About Beadsnfashion:

BeadsnFashion is an end to end Jewellery online portal where customers can buy Jewellery-kits, learn from video tutorials and in-turn can sell their design. They aim to be “Etsy of India” a platform supporting local talent, handiwork and Jewellery raw material. Hence, they are capturing regional variations of India by providing Jewellery components of all styles in an easy-to-find market model. They have aligned their services with “Made-In-India” campaign of government, by providing the opportunity to hobbyists and artisans to become self-employed, an entrepreneur. They also encourage resellers to sell on their platform so that End consumer gets the latest styles in a variety and affordable price range.

Traction in Last 3 years

Some of their strength are:

  • 22 years of domain expertise.
  • Strong product portfolio.
  • Highly skilled craftsmanship and workforce.
  • Profitable Operations.
  • Deep knowledge of the Indian market.

Market Research:

According to TechSci Research report, India Gems and jewellery market in India is projected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11.26%”, during 2016-2021.

Indian Jewellery market is one of the largest Jewellery markets of the World after China and USA. There are 90 Billion US dollars of the market size which was unorganized but rapidly utilized by emerging players like Voylla and Amazon. “Jewellery making components” market is still unorganised with small players addressing the needs.

Infographic_ Jewellery (4)

Challenges faced:

Reetesh Gupta founded beadsnfashion in 2015 and has come a long way from running a bootstrapped startup to a Cash Positive Organization. During this journey, he has faced many hurdles from losing co-founders, changing IT Platforms to market unreadiness

Also, being based in Agra, there was less recognition as compared to other startups from metro cities. Hard work,  Austerity, Good networking, Optimising Operations costs, Focusing on Goals and Deep knowledge of jewellery business has paved way for success. Now BeadsnFashion has crossed “Death valley curve” and looking forward to reaching higher horizons.

Constant customer feedback and analysis of user behaviour has also played part in refining product offerings and platform development.

Future prospects:

Reetesh has the vision to provide a platform where designers, hobbyists can also sell their products easily. Now after a strong customer base, they have a plan to once again move in this direction.

The Company plans to partner with Fashion Institutes enabling them for regular supplies as well providing the students to showcase their products in the Beads ‘n’ Fashion platform. They are looking for investment for better market reach, standardize processes & operations and technology advancement at the back-end.

As you titillate your fashion buds, give a try to DIY jewellery kits of Beadsnfashion to create your Unique design.


Nitika Garg
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