How Startups and micro businesses should cope up with Corona Virus pandemic

As number of Covid-19 cases cross 27,000,00 across globe and 22000+ alone in India, business owners, retail & wholesale shop owners and startups have started facing the heat. As lockdown continues, many brick and mortar businesses/Startups are worried, if they will survive after this pandemic. There are fixed charges to pay as well as salaries of employees when there is no cash flow.

Internet is flooded with advice from influencers and digital marketers, that you should move onto digital marketing. But some businesses will be facing cash crunch and do not have money to spare. In this difficult times, perhaps it is best you start hands-on approach.

In order to engage with customers, you need to post on your social media pages regularly and do soft selling, where you are concerned about the people, not your future sales. Try some online platforms which provide free templates for social media posts. Nowdays, even free templates have lots of potential with tweeking according to your requirements.

Another approach for businesses is try to make your business in alignment with pandemic needs. If you are a boutique, make designer masks! If you are a restaurant, start supplying food to community center in your area and get free media coverage. If you run home tutions, switch to online tutions. Many SMEs have already adopted to this approach and are finding alternative ways of to ensure cash flow remain positive.

World will move towards digital space in all businesses gradually, it is the need. This pandemic is like a fire drill for cliamte change effects in future. So, all business owners, make your business recession proof and adapt to the changing times fast.

There will be new “Normal” after this pandemic, which will change the ways we conduct businesses, events or attend parties. Some of you may even have adapted and running business in limited capacity. But you should remember that innovation, agile approach and digital adoption in your business is the key for survival in coming future.

Nitika Garg
Entrepreneur | Senior Content Writer | Technical Writer | Startup Writer She is a software engineer by education and content writer by passion. She has 8+ years of overall experience in the industry. She has written 300+ articles in different domains. She has graduated from “Iron Lady Corporate Leadership Program for Women Leaders” which is recognized by TISS, Mumbai.