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As Lockdown during the global pandemic has shown us, no job is recession-proof. However, there is one segment of people, which is continuing work as before. People in the Digital Gig Economy or, a common term for them is, freelancers. If you also want to shift your focus from physical jobs to work from home jobs, we have got tips and advice for you. We will discuss the skills required, what are the top Work from home jobs and how to find opportunities for beginners.

What can you do:

  1. Content writing: if you have good command over anyone language and can write original articles then you may choose content writing as a career. Nowadays startups, websites require content writers in varied domains like fashion, technology, medicine. So convert your domain expertise into a writing career, in a language you prefer. 
  2. Data Entry Agent: You can start your career by data entry projects which are simple and easy to accomplish. 
  3. HR-Recruiter: if you have previous experience in the HR industry, you can look for virtual HR recruiter jobs. 
  4. Online Tutor: if you want to start a career as an online tutor, you can register on various online tuition websites and create a teacher profile. Some platforms even provide you training, teaching material and marketing support to jumpstart your classes. Some portals want certified teachers like B.ed, M.ed, for better credibility and pay scale.
  5. Graphic/Animation Designer: If you have an artistic hand, try your career as a graphics designer. You can learn to design and create social media posts or detailed infographic or animated 3D videos. 
  6. Social Media Marketing: if you have good communication skills and have basic knowledge of all social media platforms, try your hand at social media marketing for businesses. If you have a marketing background, you may get better job opportunities. 
  7. Language Translation: businesses require people who can translate their content from one language to another without losing the meaning and intent. If you have a grasp at multiple languages, go for language translation.
  8. Web Development: if you have an interest in programming languages, you can go for web development projects. You can learn and sharpen trending skills through online coding competitions as well.
  9. Online Cooking classes: if you are good at cooking new cuisines and everyone appreciates your cooking skills, then it is time cash in your skills. Start online paid classes through any popular video conferencing platform. 
  10. Earn Money through photographs: Businesses are always looking for royalty-free, HD quality photographs depicting different objects and people. You can start uploading original photographs on websites like Shutterstock, which provide money on the basis of the number of photo downloads. 
  11. Start a YouTube Channel: You can start a YouTube channel about any subject. There are channels about how to improve your handwriting, cooking, games, DIY hacks, home décor Vlogs, embroidery hacks,  jewellery making, tutorials. So, you can start by creating videos on any topic of your interest.  
  12. Online Art and Yoga sessions: Similar to Online Cooking classes, you can use video conferencing platforms to start online arts, crafts, music, story reading and Yoga classes. 

How to find opportunities for beginners:

If you are starting work for the first time or after a career break, you should probably go for an internship first. There are virtual internships available now, where women on a career break can also apply. Search for these internships online and develop new skills through hands-on training. Companies will contact you, interview you and give work online in virtual mode. After completing the internship, you may get a permanent job in the same organization, depending upon your work performance.

If you have already reskilled yourself, updated your skillset as per global trends and want to simply start earning, then you should register on online freelancing portals. Initially, you will earn less and build an online portfolio through customer reviews. But gradually after 2-3 years of experience, you may start earning 30-50k per month depending on the profession chosen and amount of hours you put in. 

Initially, you may have to offer your services for the lowest price, as in starting your focus should be on building a client base and getting online positive reviews. Lowest price per job is Rs 400 for non-technical jobs like content writing and social media management for a single project. For better understanding and overview of how online services work, what details you should provide in your profile, what should be your price, you should browse profiles of other similar service providers on freelancing websites. If some client likes your profile, they will connect with you through these websites itself.

You can also choose to volunteer your services for a Not-for-profit organizations or NGOs initially. If you are doing volunteering with a renowned brand, you may mention it on your resume as well.

Importance of Networking

Networking with similar minded people and experts in your domain, plays an important role in job hunting. You should create or update your profile on LinkedIn and follow leaders in your area of specialization. Many people have landed interview opportunities through judicious use of LinkedIn. Follow your dream organizations, suitable hashtags like #pythondevelopers and connect with recruiters on linkedIn to ensure you get dedicated feed.  

There are many women oriented websites, whatsapp groups which are focused on job opportunities for women who want to restart their career after break. You may register yourself on these websites to understand the current job scenario. These websites show job openings specifically for women on break and have career building activities as well. 

You may not get a job immediately despite all efforts, do not be disheartened due to this. Continue to expand your skill set and get relevant certifications to improve your profile. Be Consistent in efforts and set dedicated goals, you will definitely achieve your dream.

Finally a poem: 

Mana ki Udna h muskil bheed me, 

Himmat aur lagan, dono hai jaroori,

Magar Mehnat aur samajhdari se aap chu sakte hai aasman ko.

Nitika Garg
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