How is Climate Change shaping the future of Naukri

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The environmental crisis is already changing the education, job, and career prospects for millions worldwide. Besides altering the nature of existing jobs, climate change has added a plethora of entirely new sectors and job profiles and is going to delete a few too in the upcoming years. If you are looking to make a transition to a more environmentally sustainable career, then this is the perfect time to throw off the yoke. Read on to find more about:

  • The threat of climate change to the modern world
  • How the environmental crisis is changing old career profiles
  • Upcoming trends in environmentally sustainable careers

Climate Change – Nearing the tipping point: 

Climate change is a significant issue of our time which needs our attention urgently, and we are at its defining moment. The concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is the highest in the past three million years. Sea levels are rising at an alarming rate worldwide as a direct result of the increasing temperatures post the industrial revolution. North India has been declared the hottest region of the world during the heatwave in May 2020.

The dire consequences of climate change have not only threatened the existence of numerous plant and animal species but have created an existential threat for the human race too.

Various reports published by the United Nations and Environment Protection Agency have reinstated that if action against climate change is not taken quickly, then the changes may become irreversible. Reports like these and various movements by activists worldwide have led to growing consciousness among the masses towards environment conservation. From lifestyle changes, including the ban of single-use plastics and switch to veganism to opting for sustainable fashion, climate change is already affecting our lives innumerable ways.

The times, they are a-changin’:

As the title taken from the famous Bob Dylan song suggests, the old road of career development will change rapidly.

The world is set to lose the equivalent of two per cent of work hours worldwide which is roughly equal to 80 million full-time jobs.

A report by UN Labor Agency, International Labor Organization (ILO)

This is just one example that underpins the severe impact of climate change and global warming on the conventional job sectors like agriculture and construction. In addition to these, industries that are dependent on conventional energy sources like coal and Petroleum will either reinvent or shut down in the face of the climate crisis.

But don’t despair, several new possibilities have been ushered in by the growing environment sensitivity. Increasing demands for new sustainable technology and attempts by MNCs to get the tag of ‘green’ and ‘eco-friendly’ have given rise to numerous new opportunities.

New career paths- The Road Ahead:

You can switch your job in these Green enterprises, or better create your CleanTech startup. Here are some of the options for you.

CleanTech startups: As the name suggests, CleanTech or often called GreenTech startups aim to either optimize or reduce the use of natural resources to eliminate the negative impact that conventional technology has on the environment. From global giant Tesla that manufactures electronic vehicles to the local startups in metro cities that offer innovative solar and wind energy systems, these startups have been growing throughout the globe.

Organizations targeting specific environmental issues: From offering waste segregation & management solutions, engineering products for cleaning up the oceanic waste to creating technology to clean the smog in metros, these startups target almost every environmental issue you can think of. They give you the flexibility to work for a cause that drives you, and in case you can’t find any existing startup for your unique environmental issue, you can always take charge and pioneer one yourself.

3. Green Designing/Building: Mindless design and construction have led to massive destruction of ecosystems worldwide. Green Designing/Sustainability Design is introducing intelligent models that not only prevent environment degradation but also help it flourish. Rooftop gardens, Terrace farming, vertical gardens are just a few examples that are slowly appealing to people as well as MNCs looking to make their businesses sustainable. Various MNCs now include a new job role like sustainability designer to make their store climate-friendly.


Get Inspired from Below Startups:


Startups like “Long Way Home” of Guatemala are making sturdy office and residential spaces using natural products like mud and waste like plastic bottles. Innovations like these can also help the massive housing crisis for poor people in regions like South East Asia and Africa.

Anthill Creations is a social enterprise, which builds a playground for children from used tyres and other waste materials. They have created an organization around a sustainability theme and have build 200+ playground in schools and communities of India.

These are some of the most popular, growing umbrella domains related to the changing dynamics of environmental awareness across the globe.

In the upcoming posts, we will dive deeper into this and bring for you handpicked higher education and career options directly linked with the issue of Climate Change. Till then, say no to plastics and become a warrior in this fight against the forces destroying our planet.

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Satyam Srivastava
Satyam is an undergraduate student at Hansraj College, Delhi. He loves to read about a myriad of topics and then write and debate on them. He has a keen interest in following the global sociopolitical developments and their impact on various facets of human lives. He also writes prose and poetry in both his native language, Hindi and English