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Elearnmarkets is a renowned e-learning company from India which focuses exclusively on providing financial education to the masses.  Its motto is to simplify finance for everyone by providing the right learning and relevant analytics for effective decision making.  Since its inception in 2015, Elearnmarkets has positioned itself uniquely in the EduTech start-up space in India and has trained more than 1,50,000 learners from all walks of life.  

Why it was needed?

Poor financial education is a major problem in society and Kredent InfoEdge was the earlier ones to realize this. Since 2008, the organization has been focused on training retail investors on various aspects of financial management. The offline centre through various modules has trained over 10,000 participants to date.

Elearnmarkets.com the online financial learning venture was launched in 2014 for the purpose of taking financial education to all over the country. As on date, there are over 150,000 learners from over 200 cities in India taking over 100 finance learning modules, some certified by NSE Academy, MCX, NCDEX etc.

As part of providing full financial freedom to retail investors and helping them to become less dependent on intermediaries, Kredent InfoEdge developed tools which would help everyone to become a do-it-yourself market participant. One of the tools launched in May 2016 is STOCKEDGE app. As on date the app has over 1 MILLION downloads with an active user base of 200,000 and rating of 4.6, highest rated finance app data point in its database and has recently introduced a premium plan with value-added features like a thematic watchlist, portfolio of ACE investors and ready strategies. They also launched the StockEdge Club, a community of stock market investors to focus on learning and networking.

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Solution Offered:

Elearnmarkets offers various more than 100 career-oriented online courses, many of which provide the students with a joint certification from renowned industry bodies like NSE Academy, NCDEX and MCX.  It also regularly conducts boot camps, seminars, workshops, and webinars on various financial topics, which are conducted by market experts and celebrity stock market trainers. Their expert-led recorded and live online finance courses are available in English, Hindi, Bengali, Telegu, Marathi and Gujarati.

The courses provided by Elearnmarkets cover the entire gamut of finance, including Stock Markets, Commodities, Currency, Mutual Fund, Insurance, Financial Planning and Wealth Management. These courses provide the learners with basic to advanced level knowledge on stock market investing, fundamental and technical analysis, and options trading. Anybody can start learning about finance from these courses to become a better trader, investor, or for building a career in the financial services industry of India.

The YouTube channel of Elearnmarkets has over 2 million views and 2.76 lakh subscribers. Subscribe to the channel to stay updated with the latest knowledge of finance. 

Recently the startup launched its online platform in an app version.

Founders of Elearnmarkets

About its Founders

 Vivek Bajaj, the Co-Founder, has over 18 years of experience in financial markets. He is a Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary and an MBA from IIM Indore (2005). He started his career as an analyst, went on to become a full-time trader and the co-founder of Kredent, one of the largest proprietary trading desks in India and also the co-founder of Irage, one of the largest algorithm trading desks in India. He is an avid learner and believes in the theory of sharing knowledge and wisdom. He founded Kredent Academy in 2008 to teach finance to everyone. In 2014 he co-founded elearnmarkets.com, India’s only dedicated BFSI learning portal with over 150,000 learners. He is also the co-founder of StockEdge App, India’s top-rated Stock Analysis app with over 1.5 million downloads.    

Vineet Patawari, CEO & Co-Founder a chartered accountant and an IIM -Indore alumnus, co-founded elearnmarkets.com and is in charge of this excellent educational finance portal as the Director. He is also an alumnus of St. Xavier’s and has been a visiting faculty in some of the premier educational institutes like St. Xavier’s – Kolkata, IISWBM, ISBM, Bhawanipore college, IMI Kolkata.

Vinay Pagaria CA, CS, DISA (ICAI) – Co-Founder Vinay is a Chartered Accountant and qualified System Auditor (DISA) from ICAI by education. With 15 years of experience in the domains of both Finance and Technology. he is focused on the implementation of technology through innovation in areas like gamification, visualization and data analytics.

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