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10632632_10202229849178751_1202913882361441443_nNitika Garg is founder of “Info That Matter”. She is from technical background having education in B.Tech(IT) and PGDM(Operations). She has over 3.5 years experience in IT industry with MNCs. Post motherhood, she has decided to take career break and move towards her calling: Entrepreneurship.

Born in Business family, Nitika has been surrounded by business mantras during her upbringing. She was always fascinated with entrepreneurship and wanted to do something of her own. She started as blogger and now turning into Mompreneur. During her short tenure as blogger and entrepreneur, she realized big gap in Marketing and PR domain. Small businesses do not have access to affordable/reachable/customer-friendly/Small towns friendly Social Media marketing and analytics.

To gain industry insight, Nitika has been associated with following programs:

  1. IIM Bangalore Women Entrepreneurs Program: Do Your Venture(6 weeks online MOOC) in 2018 starting
  2. WE CAN India” Workshops and Business Plan Competition for Women Entrepreneurs in 2017– an initiative dedicated to promoting women’s entrepreneurship, has been organized by Dhriiti-The Courage Within, an Non Profit Organization in partnership with Cherie Blair Foundation for women, funded by U.S. Embassy India.
  3. IIT Delhi,  WEE (Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment) Batch 2 Fellowship.

You can catch her on linkedin, Twitter and Facebook for further communication.


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