12 Top work from home jobs which are trending

As Lockdown during the global pandemic has shown us, no job is recession proof. However, there is one segment of people, which is continuing work as before. People in the Digital Gig Economy or, a common term for them is, freelancers. If you also want to shift your focus from physical jobs to work from homeContinue reading “12 Top work from home jobs which are trending”

How Startups and micro businesses should cope up with Corona Virus pandemic

As number of Covid-19 cases cross 27,000,00 across globe and 22000+ alone in India, business owners, retail & wholesale shop owners and startups have started facing the heat. As lockdown continues, many brick and mortar businesses/Startups are worried, if they will survive after this pandemic. There are fixed charges to pay as well as salariesContinue reading “How Startups and micro businesses should cope up with Corona Virus pandemic”

Top 4 job options for women returning after career gap

This post is about difference in job opportunities for women who have 0-4 years of experience and women who have 7+ years of experience, who want to restart career as a freelancer or as regular 9-5 job.

We will be discussing in detail about different streams, job portals and possible courses which can benefit you.

“Beadsnfashion” startup is set to change jewellery making and learning landscape

Beads ‘n’ Fashion proposes to disrupt the Jewelry market by providing the platform, knowledge and resources for Designers, Karigars, Hobbyists, Fashion Institute to Buy, Learn, Sell to End Consumer with a combination of the power of cutting-edge technology with traditional customer service values.

Now Do Guilt free shopping and charity the “Sumara” way

Online shopping is the latest trend in metro cities where people indulge themselves in discounts and free deals while purchasing latest needs and fantasies. Another rising trend among urban people is ‘Go-Green’ – think responsibly and make a  difference through donations. What if we combine both of these trends together and Viola, we have aContinue reading “Now Do Guilt free shopping and charity the “Sumara” way”

Boundations of independent thinking women in supposed modern families

“Jhanvi is an independent women, she is working in an Indian government Bank since 3 years. Her family is traditional having ideology that girls should educate well, stand on her feet financially and after marriage manages home, children and job well. In other words, she is supposed to become super-woman like many others who haveContinue reading “Boundations of independent thinking women in supposed modern families”

Women Empowerment: New buzz word to cash in business

Latest trend of today is Women Empowerment. On International Women’s day, Facebook, twitter and YouTube was filled with numerous videos and posts supporting women and their freedom. Start-ups and even television serials have taken the cue from trends, and are differentiating themselves from others on above factor. Many start-ups are being formed who are building heirContinue reading “Women Empowerment: New buzz word to cash in business”

Yellow Yellow, I am Startup Fellow

Who is a startup fellow? Look around yourself, you will find one or two people at least who are engaged in business and trying to flourish it. Does business means a proper company? Not necessarily. Photographers, chefs, musicians, bloggers, artists, coaches, shop owners all these persons are entrepreneurs in their own kind. They are tryingContinue reading “Yellow Yellow, I am Startup Fellow”

Mystery shopping: New way to earn money for shoppers

Love shopping and watching movies first day-first show? Love to be updated about latest fashion trends? Read more to know how you can earn money while doing all above activities.

Unseen tasks of a Person

via Daily Prompt: Unseen A person who is a struggling professional, has lost his job and looking for footing again is often pitied by friends and family members. If it is a woman who has quit job, in order to explore new opportunities, she is often criticized, why did you let go such good job.Continue reading “Unseen tasks of a Person”