12 Top work from home jobs which are trending

As Lockdown during the global pandemic has shown us, no job is recession proof. However, there is one segment of people, which is continuing work as before. People in the Digital Gig Economy or, a common term for them is, freelancers. If you also want to shift your focus from physical jobs to work from homeContinue reading “12 Top work from home jobs which are trending”

How Startups and micro businesses should cope up with Corona Virus pandemic

As number of Covid-19 cases cross 27,000,00 across globe and 22000+ alone in India, business owners, retail & wholesale shop owners and startups have started facing the heat. As lockdown continues, many brick and mortar businesses/Startups are worried, if they will survive after this pandemic. There are fixed charges to pay as well as salariesContinue reading “How Startups and micro businesses should cope up with Corona Virus pandemic”

7 Best ways to Market Yourself in Digital Age

Marketing is not restricted to only Marketing Professionals in the current age of social media and digital penetration. You may be wondering why I am saying so? If You have  9-5 good paying job, why will you need to market yourself. Entrepreneurs need to market themselves because they are making their personal brand as wellContinue reading “7 Best ways to Market Yourself in Digital Age”

Sagmarks—Providing 3D printed models and surgical guides to the medical professionals

In recent years, 3D printing technology has transformed from a cutting-edge novelty to a growing and popular industry for new startups. Entrepreneurs and consumers alike can use 3D printers to create useful products ranging from jewelry and light fixtures to replicas of human tissue. Sagmarks, founded by Khushbu Soni, is one of the rapidly growing andContinue reading “Sagmarks—Providing 3D printed models and surgical guides to the medical professionals”

3 D Printing: A technology set to make products digitally

What is 3D printing: 3-D printer is similar to desktop printer in homes & offices. The only difference with this printer is, it can print object in the form of three-dimensional digital model, i.e. instead of image of an object on paper, actual object is created like a rubber toy , typically by laying down manyContinue reading “3 D Printing: A technology set to make products digitally”

Augmented Reality: Technology which is penetrating every day lives fast.

Technology has changed the way we function in our daily lives. Now, We have mobile applications to do almost all of our tasks. Technology has entered in other domains and given rise to new domains such as “Fin-tech”, “Fashion-tech”, “Food-tech”, “Agri-tech”, “Bio-tech”, “Rural-tech” and more. We are about to discuss about one technology in particular, whichContinue reading “Augmented Reality: Technology which is penetrating every day lives fast.”

Digital transactions:UPI vs Debit/credit cards vs Digital wallets

After 8 November, 2016, digital transactions have seen surge in growth,around 400-1000% alone in initial one month . Everyone from farmers in rural interiors to senior citizens in urban cities are struggling to adapt to the technology. Government has launched various initiatives to educate people towards digital transformation as well as some companies have openedContinue reading “Digital transactions:UPI vs Debit/credit cards vs Digital wallets”

Mystery shopping: New way to earn money for shoppers

Love shopping and watching movies first day-first show? Love to be updated about latest fashion trends? Read more to know how you can earn money while doing all above activities.

Booking Doctor appointment online is easy

I remember, there used to be times, when we needed to talk with doctor, then book appointment.  Earlier, we had to stand in long queues on government hospital(like AIIMS) since early morning for registration. But in today’s time , various websites and apps have been developed which can book Doctor’s appointment online. “Digital India” has madeContinue reading “Booking Doctor appointment online is easy”

Crowdfunding: Benefits and Opportunities in India

What is crowdfunding Crowdfunding is the latest trend to raise money for different causes in India. People are moving to crowdfunding for various reasons: raising money by sportsperson, artists, medical treatment,  new movie producers, even by early stage startups(less than 2 year old) to raise funding. According to the SEBI Consultation Paper 2014, Crowdfunding inContinue reading “Crowdfunding: Benefits and Opportunities in India”