Welcome viewers!!

We provide a digital platform where information about Small and Micro Enterprises (SMEs) can be imparted to viewers via blogs rich in text, audio and catchy videos. This type of video blogging (vlog) would help building connections with viewers like no other blogging format.
  • Text blogs will help in scribe coverage
  • video will create audio visual impact which can be in regional languages as well, this will engage local customers extraordinarily.
  • viewers always thrive to get detailed analyses on a single platform.
  • Every post can be used to promote products/services, benefits to customer.
  • These services will be free for firs 20 customer MSMEs.
  •  If you have any query please leave a comment or contact author: nitika3588@gmail.com

Some Featured Posts:

Story of Weddingpitara.com
Source: Practo Blog
Booking Doctor appointment online is easy


Word Cloud "Crowd Funding"

Crowdfunding: Benefits and Opportunities in India


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