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Social Media Marketing:

You may have added yourself in several groups but still your reach is limited. We use Social Media Marketing where your content/business will be  visible to selected audience at reasonable cost.

Need in your business

Every business benefits from Social Media Marketing, as it is fast, easy, transparent and need of the hour!! It is marketing which you need to do to survive in competitive world. We are expert in this domain.

1. Social Media Advertisement optimization only(Content provided by client)

We offer transparent Social Media Marketing Services. Where, how and  for how much time your money will be used,  would be visible to you. Organic reach on social media sites is tough to achieve if you are an emerging business /start-up. Paid advertisements are necessity of today’s CEOs.

We do Optimization of your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram Ad Campaigns. Often, we do marketing on social media sites but due to lack of knowledge dos no utilize money effectively. So, We provide helping hand in your AD campaigns.

2. Complete Social media Marketing (Content Generation + Customer Reach + Analytics)

Inclusions are: Written post+ 1 minute animated video +audience reach on social media websites as per client’s customer base. Increasing Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter Page Likes

This can be ongoing project for 3-6 months or an one-time activity for trial basis. We give our best in both scenarios.

Social Media Marketing is an ongoing process, for better results. Your own company page should have good audience and be part of special communities, where your customers are.

3. 30 minute one-to-one session

To educate entrepreneurs, where and how to market effectively in whole Social Pyramid. Review their Short term and Long-term Social Media Market strategy.


Increase in Organic reach, Greater spread and awareness.

Expert knowledge give 30% better result in Marketing

You focus on your core competency, We manage your marketing needs.

Mandatory Requirements:

  1. You should have GSTIN with you, Social Media site require this information for promotion activity.
  2. If you do not have company page on any one, there will be extra effort required to take it forward.

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