– Discovery platform to match parents and academies

In current economical environment  lot of women entrepreneurs are being given support from government led initiatives. In this column, we are presenting you story of a mompreneur, Yashodhra Patil, whose startup is just 4 months old, by the name of Getting a right academy for kids is quite a challenge for parents these daysContinue reading “ – Discovery platform to match parents and academies”

इन्फर्टिलिटी दोस्त: बाँझपन से पीड़ित भावी माँ-बाप की मदद करती भारत की पहली स्टार्टअप

kya आप माँ बाप बनना चाहते हैं लेकिन किसी वजह से आपकी ये ख्वाइश पूरी नहीं हो पा रही| क्या आप किसी को जानते हैं जो इस परेशानी का सामना कर रहा हो| अगर हाँ तो पढ़े कैसे आप इस परेशानी की युक्ति कर सकते हैं

Children Notice These Behaviours Without Parents Realising It

We think and believe that small children do not understand or notice few of our (wrong) behaviour or they do not get distressed because of bad news as they may not understand it truly. But as parents we are absolutely wrong! There are few actions that harm our small kids psychologically and that tiny soulContinue reading “Children Notice These Behaviours Without Parents Realising It”

Gymnastics in India: Did you know these facts

Acrobatic,  Aerobics and Rhythmic Gymnastics in Indian Reality Dance Competition Shows Reality dance shows like Super Dancer, Dance India Dance, Jhalak Dikhlaja have gained immense popularity. Sometimes, there are performances involving ropes, hoops, ribbons and lifts, which leave us dumbstruck. These performances are actually involving different types of gymnastic methods. Acrobatics, also called sports acrobatics:Continue reading “Gymnastics in India: Did you know these facts”

40-day confinement period for new mothers.Some tips and information

Kareena Kapoor Khan is set to start new trends in motherhood. She has been spotted three times till now since giving birth to son. Many questions have been raised, many are discussing the topic: Why is she not following 40 days confinement defined for new mothers. Will it affect her and her baby’s health? ThisContinue reading “40-day confinement period for new mothers.Some tips and information”